Presentation of the association

EEIGM Etudes & Services is a student association with an educational objective, established in 2006 in the Ecole Européenne d'Ingénieurs en Génie des Matériaux (EEIGM) in Nancy.

The association aims to offer various services to industrials, businessmen and collectivities, in order to implement and supplement the teaching available to engineering students at our school. Our team consists of student volunteers, motivated and eager to satisfy every customer in order to create a genuine professional relationship and a lasting partnership. Its purpose is twofold: to ensure the proper conduct of each study and develop the association as a whole.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, EEIGM Etudes & Services employs students based on their skills, and strives to achieve each study entrusted to it. Moreover, as a student association, it has the support of EEIGM and its professors. Entrepreneurs and communities have access to competitive services in pricing, responsiveness and innovation.

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EEIGM, 6 rue Bastien-Lepage
CS 10630 - 54010 NANCY CEDEX
EEIGM Etudes & Services
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